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Between the Covers, 2016 | Van kaft tot kaft, 2016

chinese primary sources from zhonghua shuju

The Green Wall of Standard Histories, and other primary sources

It's that time of year again. Or rather, I am slightly behind the times: it has been that time of the past year again, when people make lists of everything related to 2016.

Continuing my habit from 2015, I tracked all the books I read cover-to-cover and finished during 2016 (some were started much earlier). I am happy to report that the total number has gone up! There are twelve books that can be classified as fiction, and some real classics in my list. Continue reading

Between the covers in 2015| Van kaft tot kaft in 2015

It’s a funny thing you hear a lot of academics say these days, especially in Humanities: “But who still reads books cover to cover?” We tend to read chapters, or just the Introduction, or hunt down the small piece of information we need, but indeed: we rarely sit down and just read the entire thing. Continue reading