What is…

red, hot, sweaty and snotty, but rather proud of itself and happy, too?

That's right! A post- snow run- runner!

IMG_0574We got another substantial amount of snow today, all day long. I brought my kit to work to go to the gym, and run on the hamster wheel. But the temperature was pretty mild, so I went for what comes naturally: a run in the snow.

Only 30 minutes, but a very efficient session: 5min. warm-up, then 3min faster, with 1min recovery, repeat another 4 times, before cool down. Throw in some hills and snow, and you have a much harder workout than you can fit on a treadmill, not to mention more fun!

Apparently the snow this winter is abnormally frequent and voluminous. We had snow in December, twice, if I remember correctly.

IMG_0406  IMG_0410

Then short on the heels of the polar vortex you all heard about, we got a massive 6.5 inches (that is over 15cm, for the metric friends out there, but I did not have a metric ruler handy!).


Oh deer- making tracks...


The polar vortex stopped making tracks in the news when it did not break any records anymore, but for about 2 weeks it did not get over 0°C (32°F).  Last week Friday we started to make serious progress in staying out of the freezer, and the weekend was just perfect. But all that warm weather makes the snow melt, and just in case we would run out, we got another delivery of more than 5inches (13cm) of snow today, with the promise of more on the way this Wednesday and the next weekend. Winter delivers, January has been brutal.


And you know what? I am loving it! I think I am a snow bunny...

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  1. Nonna

    Snow bunny…. Dat is het. Toen je ongeveer 3 was zat je de hele dag met je driewieler op een ijsvlakte in de buurt van onze woning. Buren hadden medelijden met jou. Voor jou was het genieten en papa en ik wisselden mekaar af om bij jou te zijn. Lopen fietsen buiten ravotten kou en sneeuw alles was OK en genieten dat je deed. En blijkbaar nog steeds….


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