Pair of socks on sock holders, placed on the grass. The socks are grey-brown and have a short 2x2 ribbed cuff, the leg and foot has a cable running down the side, and the heel has a slip-stitch pattern.

“Little Brown Job”

LBJs are in the (UK) birders' world those little brown birds that all look unremarkable, brown, and yet can be the most amazing species you'll see only once in a lifetime. Or if it's a passer domesticus, you may yet be enchanted by its exotic patterning, as Inspector Morse was.
You only need a minute to watch his powers of observation

LBJs are not flashy with WILD!! COLOURFUL!!! MARKINGS! but I still like them.

Turns out you have those LBJs (or LGJs, Little Grey Jobs) in socks too... And with a little bit of effort, you can turn them into something worth observing, IMHO.

I ended up knitting these socks for mum in something of the following way:

Mum: Hm, I have this beige sock yarn I don't know what to do with. It's too meh for me.
Me: Oh. Can I knit with it? I don’t have any yarn with me.
Mum: Sure, you can use it.
*I start knitting a cable into the leg*
Mum: Ooooh that's nice! I like that. That looks a lot more fun now.
Me: Do you want me to knit them for you? It's your yarn after all.
Mum: Erm... 😬

(Fortunately they fit her!)

This is the world's easiest cabled sock to knit: take your basic 72 stitch top down sock pattern. For the leg, once you're past the cuff, knit 4, purl 3, cable over 8 stitches (cable every 8 rows), purl 3, and knit all the rest. Keep the rest of your basic pattern as is. I kept the cable going for the foot.

For the *other* leg I counted out the pattern so it was knit 18, purl 3, cable over 8 stitches (cable every 8 rows again, and if you're really fancy: turn them the other way), purl 3, knit all the other stitches.

If you want a pattern, check out Socks on a Plane (Ravelry), it's a toe-up version.

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